Friday, October 21, 2011

pumpkin land at cutlers

 Normally every year we head down to pumpkin land and pick out the perfect pumpkins, however this year our pumpkin land was in Heather and Scott's backyard!  It was so great! 

This is a view of how we displayed them!  We will have to post a follow-up picture of them all carved.  Thanks again to the Cutlers for the great Pumpkins! 

Friday, October 7, 2011

bear lake

 Bear Lake Pictures from 2011             

Sara and Keira
 These two are inseparable when together!  They are such great friends and I hope that never changes!

Josh was so fun this year at bear lake, even though he didn't love the water he loved being there. 

                Our Bear Lake shirts this year lol means Lots of Love!

 This is a family of lots of love, all of my family with Gma and Gpa Richins!  We love this reunion and owe it all to them for planning it every year!

zack, eric, curtis, and jace

Eric played football all night with these boys!  They sure did love it! 

                  She loves the sun and water
I love this little one's smile!
zack with jeff
The kids were lucky to have gotten rides on some wave runners, they really loved it.

josh soakin' up the sun on a wave runner



Sara and Alli

        One of the best parts of Bear Lake:  sitting on the beach and talking!

jonas, keira, chase
lily, kelcey
danny, sara
zack, curtis

Jonathan spent alot of time playing with all the kids whether it was in the water, building sand castles or burying them in the sand.

Thanks to the Riddles, our kids got lots of rides on the boat and would go out and jump in the water in the middle of the lake.

Jonathan and the kids building a sand castle, or should I say, a sand city :)
Matt as well got in on playing in the sand!  He really is a kid at heart!
One last picture of the whole family again.  Boy I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family, and such wonderful memories with them at Bear Lake.  It always has been and always will be one of my favorite places to go!

Friday, September 30, 2011

raspberry jam

Thanks to my sister heather, i was a little homemaker for a day...we picked raspberries and then made some delicious jam! I love raspberry jam, any berry jam really, but raspberries are my favorite. They remind me of my childhood and Gma Babe.  Gma made Matt and I a dozen jars of freezer raspberry jam for a bridal shower gift.Yum yum.  Matt loves raspberry jam even more than I do and I made him love me just a little bit more this day:)

 Our little helpers were Josh and Chloe!  They were fun to have along

book cliffs

Matt finally drew a tag this year to the book cliffs after 9 years of putting in. He had a hard time deciding whether or not to put in for the bow hunt (which would be his first bow hunt) or putting in for the rifle hunt. He chose bow, which made the hunt this year in August, rather than October. Although Gpa Blaine drew out this year as well for the book cliffs for rifle hunting so they will be going back down in October! This is one of Matt's all time favorite things to do...hunt. He loves being in the mountains and spending this time with his dad and brothers...and this year his brother-in-law too! Those who were able to go on this years hunt were Matt, Blaine, Michael, and Scott. Here are the pics: